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Roots Radicals

Blueberry Compote

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Blueberry Compote

Simple recipes are always one of our favorites. Taking care of the product, but showing it’s full flavor, and this is what you taste with our blueberry compote. Add a little starch to thicken for a pie or add directly into a natural yoghurt and granola to flavor it with blueberries (our favorite combo!). Goes delicious in ice cream and milkshakes as well, and of course on any breakfast table, as a welcome addition to French toast or pancakes.

Roots Radicals is a zero-waste company that operates according to the principles of a circular economy. Our Blueberry Compot is made with 100% rescued blueberries.
For best results, consume within 2 weeks of opening.

Ingredients:Blueberries (80%), cane sugar (20%), Roots Radicals natural vanilla extract

This is a vegan + gluten-free product.

Glass jar models may be different from the product photograph due to variations in size.

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by Roots Radicals