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Easter Set ~ A Klein Geschenk

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Mit oder Ohne

Looking for a little something something to give for the holiday weekend? This could quite possibly be it! One sweet, one savoury and one libation! This trio is made up of U&C favourites plus our newest item on the site ODE bright lemon aperitif.

OSHIONE Gluten Free Haus Granola


BOUCHE Hibiskus Kombucha or ODE Bright Lemon Aperitif


OSCHIONE Haus granola ~ A lovely balance of crunch and sweet. Bowls be jealous. 

HONEST TOIL's peppery and fulsome Olive Oil is the best drizzled dusted with your favourite herb or salt and devoured. 

BOUCHE ~ HIBISKUS Kombucha is another level of delight. Refreshing vibrant notes make this elixir go down like a sparkling revelation. The best partner to a Pet Nat w/o the %. 

ODE ~ Last but furthest from least the BRIGHT LEMON Aperitif crushes the sun and fruits of the Med into a blended bottle of joy. Try it with us first, and tell us where you were transported to. 

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