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Motel Beer & Coffee

Flat White

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Flat White Coffee
6 Pack


A delicious flat white that hugs your from the inside!

Double shot of Kenyan coffee with oat drink and a touch of nitrogen for a creamy mouthfeel - that’s it.
Brewed hot to extract full flavour and natural sweetness.
Store Chilled.

We source our beans directly at origin to ensure quality and to build long-term relationships with farmers. We paid 235% above the baseline “fair” price for this coffee because great coffee is hard work.
Varietal: SL-34
Process : Washed
Harvest: January 2018
Producer: MugoFamily, MesgoEstate
Origin: Embu, Kenya
FOB: $13,53 per kilo

Zutaten: Kaffee (Wasser, Kaffeebohnen), Oatly Barista Edition(Haferbasis(Wasser,Hafer10 %),Rapsöl,Säureregulator (Dikaliumphosphat), Caliciumcarbonat,Calciumphosphate, Jodsalz, Vitamine (D2, Riboflavin und B12),RohrzuckerNährwerte per 100ml Energie 126,5kj/30,2kcal, Fett 1,50gDavongesättigtefettsäuren 0,15g, Kohlenhydrate4,60g,Davonzucker 3,30g ,Ballaststoffe 0,40g ,Eiweiss0,50g ,Salz 0,05g ,Vitamind 0,75 μg(15%*) ,Riboflavine0,105mg(7,5%**) ,Vitamineb12 0,19 μg(7,5%**),Calcium60,00mg(7,5%**),Beta-glucane 0,20g * Davon 2g natürlicherZucker aus Hafer. ** Der Nährstoffbezugswerte.

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by Motel Beer and Coffee