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ARC Handbag

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ARC Handbag

The handbag ARC is elegant and simplistic at the same time. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted on the inside of the bag by a simple knot (we recommend making a square knot to prevent it from coming undone). For aesthetic reasons we kept the straps thin, but they do not cut or tear due to our durable leather. The bag offers space for the most important things: mobile phone, keys, wallet, a book. In the beginning the leather is rather stiff, with time it becomes softer and also changes the look of the bag.

Our bags are made from leather sourced from organic cattle farms in the South of Germany. The hides have been naturally tanned in the pit not far from the slaughterhouse. The products are sewn by hand in a family run manufactory near Cologne.

U&C only carries the NATURAL model/colour 

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