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Okiyome: Purification & Protection

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Okiyome Spray + Fullmoon Balancing Hand Balm

A set for purification and protection with a unique fragrance. 

Containing all natural ingredients, free of any synthetics. 

[ Purification ]

Composed of 75% white sage tincture, made with the highest quality, perfume grade, organic alcohol (96 proof) and a mix of essential oils which are known for their antibacterial and anti-viral properties.

White sage is one of the most powerful purifiers for yourself, interiors and objects, while cedar wood with its warming, woody, clearing, and grounding scent, is known as a sedative and promotes emotional balance and relaxation.

Spray anywhere you wish to purify. It can also be used as a room fragrance. Free of parabens, petroleum and synthetics, Okiyome spray is made from all natural ingredients.

Scent : Sage | Red Cedar | Tea Tree | Thyme

Size:  60 ml / 2 Fl oz

[ Protection ]

Fullmoon Balancing hand balm contains vitamins E rich Komenula (rice bran) and grapeseed oils which deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin leaving it silky soft without being greasy.

Scent:  Geranium | Shiu Wood | Sweet Orange | Clary Sage

Size:  30 ml / 1 Fl oz

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by Ryoko