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Honest Toil

Olive Oil Bottle Special Edition

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Olive oil
500 ml bottle

Designed by Berlin & Budapest tattoo artist, Dóra Berczi
This incredibly fresh oil is from the current olive season and was just bottled by Honest Toil in December 2020!


Honest Toil brings their extra virgin olive oil from Greece to the UK, Budapest and Berlin, available in 5 litre canisters or 500 ml bottles.

A few quick facts about the oil:

  • From 100% koroneiki olives, unblended olive juice

  • Extra virgin (super low acidity, this year was under under 0.2%!)

  • Cold pressed in the local village press within a day of harvesting

  • Completely unfiltered which gives it a thick, opaque texture

  • Source: the villages scattered between mountain and sea around the town of Kyparissia, Messenia, Greece

  • Bottled / packed locally, within 2 miles of our trees

  • Distributed in cities by cargo-bikes, supporting sustainable urban mobility

... a fantastically smooth, full-bodied, completely raw extra virgin olive oil with a light peppery spice and flavors of fresh cut grass.

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by Honest Toil