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Nordic Seed Bread

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Nordic seed bread
Gluten free!

570 grams


The seeds are first sprouted for 10 hours before being integrated into the bread, which is fermented for another 12 hours - this makes digestion easy and preserves the highest level nutrients of the seeds.

Ingredients: In-house sourdough (wholemeal rice flour)* , buckwheat flour* , gluten-free oat flour* , tapioca flour* , buckwheat kernels* , sunflower kernels* , flea seeds* , sugar syrup* , sea ​​salt
*from controlled organic cultivation

Zutaten: Hauseigener Sauerteig* (Vollkorn Reismehl*), Glutenfreies Hafermehl*, Buchweizenmehl*, Tapiokamehl*, Buchweizenkerne*, Sonnenblumenkerne*, Flohsamen*, Zuckerrüben*, Meersalz
*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

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By Oshione