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otto Game "Nduja"

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Game "Nduja"
180 grams

Fermented spreadable sausage made from regional wild boar and deer

Game meat from Schorfheide is seasoned with garlic, paprika, and chili, in the style of a Calabrian nduja. We then lacto-ferment the meat with the help of buckwheat koji.

The result is a spicy sausage spread with balanced acidity, reminiscent of an aged salami in terms of depth of flavor.

Most of the meat we serve at otto comes from the forests of Schorfheide. We abide by zero-waste principles where possible, and aim to use all parts of the wild boar and deer.

The fattier pieces, especially the neck and shoulders, are best to use for this sausage, which was our favourite pizza topping in lockdown times.

It also works well in pasta sauces (even lasagna!) or is simply terrific smeared on some bread with koji butter.

Ingredients: deer meat, wild boar, pork fat, potato, paprika, garlic, salt, buckwheat, fennel, chili, A. oryzae (koji)

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by otto