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Soap Soop

Last Snow Blue Indigo Soap

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Patchouli Rosemary Soap
110 grams


For face & body, useable for daily makeup removal. ‘Soap Soop’ is one of signature steady seller of Soap Soop as its name means 'the forest of soap'. It has a fresh and delicate pine tree, patchouli & peppermint scents. Spirulina, also famous as a super food, facilitate faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. Beautiful gold lines are decorated with natural stone minerals.

  • Vegan - No Animal Testing
  • 100% Natural - No Palm Oil - No Microplastic
  • Certified Soaper

Saponified Base Oils: olive oil (sodium olivate), sweet almond oil (sodium sweet almondate), rice bran oil (sodium rice branate), castor oil (sodium castorate), cocoa butter (sodium cocoa butterate), shea butter (sodium shea butterate)
Natural Colorants: Spirulina, Gold Mica Powder
Natural Scents: Pinecone Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil
PH tested: It's neutral-alkali, safe and helps to gently clean the skin.
Crafted date: Nov. 2021
Expiration date: Although handmade soaps usually get better with age, we recommend using within 2 years. Recommended to keep it in a dry area on a draining soap dish. As the soap is handmade, the colour and the design may vary slightly from bar to bar.
Average Weight Per Bar, After cure & dried : Big 110g(+-5g) 
Palm free | Cruelty Free | Handcrafted in Berlin with soaphisticated love

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By Soap Soop