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Ada's Deli

A Sunday Thing Combo Set

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For each A SUNDAY THING Sunday we have put together a little taste for all to take home. A combo that brings together some of our favourite flavours and vendors. Pick it up at Jules Cafe in Gleisdreieck and enjoy!

This little combo pairs the fresh taste and texture of La Bolognina's handmade pasta and the savoury tang of the Ada's Deli Puttanesca Sauce.  


Puttanesca Pasta Sauce                                                                                                 

350 grams 

The Classic savoury blend of anchovies and olive.

Shelf life approx. 1 year. 10 days in fridge after opening

Tax Included. By Ada’s Hot Deli


La Bolognina Tagliatelle
250 grams
Zutaten: Eier, mehl, griess, wasser

By La Bolognina


Only available for click&collect at A SUNDAY THING 08.05.2022